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Towel warmers - Bandai

Bandai, which comes with an electronic thermostat and is finished in white gloss. The slender heating elements of the Bandai makes it an elegant addition to any bathroom or kitchen. The thermostat can be operated manually and also comes with an inbuilt timer that can be set to full power twice daily for a two-hour period, giving you maximum drying power when your bathroom is busiest.

  • Electric, liquid-filled towel warmer/bathroom radiator
  • Quiet and odour-free
  • White RAL 9016 colour
  • Easy to install
  • Max. surface temperature 60°C


Model Article nr Plug Voltage [V] Output [W] Finish Dimension H [mm] Dimension L [mm] Weight [Kg]
BAN 10 04 230 03 2 W 3857250 No 230 300 White gloss 1003 400 12
BAN 14 04 230 04 2 W 3857400 No 230 400 White gloss 1427 400 15


Model Height HC (mm) Height incl. therm.housing (mm)
BAN 10 04 912 1003
BAN 14 04 1336 1427


  • Bandai is equipped with an electronic thermostat, which can be set in the following positions: Frost protection 7°C. ECO. Lowest temperature 16°C (frost protection off). Temperature 18°C - 24°C. Full output.
  • Timer with 2 hr boost (also set manually).
  • Only for mounting with thermostat on the right hand side and connection with visible cable.


  • No specific accessories 


  • Supplied with attached 90 cm connection cable and the necessary screws/mounts for installation.

Technical data 04.2014

Jarl / Alaid X / Bandai

Jarl, Alaid X and Bandai

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