Towel warmers

Bandai IR

Towel warmers - Bandai IR

The slender heating elements of the Bandai IR makes it an elegant addition to any bathroom or kitchen, whether you choose the standard silver gloss finish or one of the range of 18 colour finishes available. 

The separate thermostat controls the temperature with infrared signals, so it can be wall-hung for easy access. The thermostat can be operated manually and also comes with an inbuilt timer that can be set to full power twice daily for a two-hour period, giving you maximum drying power when your bathroom is busiest.

  • Electric, liquid-filled towel warmer/bathroom radiator
  • Quiet and odour-free
  • Easy to install
  • Max. surface temperature 60°C
  • Bandai IR can be ordered in any RAL color, see color chart below.

Additional price +20% for special color. For technical reasons, the color map might differ from the actual colour.

RAL 9016 Traffic white
Standard colour
RAL 9010 Pure white
RAL 9001 Cream
S0075 Jasmine
S0091 Pergamon
S0094 Natura
S0087 Bahama beige
S0084 Anemone
S0077 Magnolia
S0164 Banana
RAL 250-2 Lemon Glow
RAL 1023 Traffic yellow
RAL 1012 Lemon yellow
RAL 1004 Golden yellow
RAL 1027 Curry yellow
RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise
RAL 5014 Pigeon blue
RAL 5025 Pearl gentian blue
RAL 5009 Azure blue
RAL 5015 Sky blue
RAL 5017 Traffic blue
RAL 5022 Night blue
RAL 5002 Ultramarine blue
RAL 5001 Green blue
RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 7021 Black grey
RAL 1033 Dahlia yellow
RAL 2003 Pastel orange
RAL 2004 Pure orange
RAL 3000 Flame red
RAL 3005 Wine red
RAL 4002 Red violet
RAL 4008 Signal violet
RAL 290 70 20 Mauve Haze
RAL 290 40 45 Mystic Purple
RAL 4009 Pastel violet
RAL 4003 Heather violet
RAL 3015 Light pink
RAL 3014 Antique pink
RAL 6019 Pastel green
RAL 120 80 60 Modern green
RAL 120 70 70 E-Green
RAL 230-3 Acid Green
RAL 150 60 60 Green Apple
RAL 6033 Mint turquoise
RAL 8017 Chocolate brown
S0088 Manhattan
RAL 040 80 05 Caffé latte
RAL 7035 Light grey
RAL 7040 Window grey
RAL 7001 Silver grey
RAL 7037 Dusty grey
RAL 7030 Stone grey
RAL 7013 Brown grey
RAL 7015 Slate grey
RAL 7016 Anthracite grey
RAL 7024 Graphite grey
RAL 1035 Pearl beige
RAL 9006 White aluminium
RAL 9007 Grey aluminium
RAL 9017 Traffic black
S0141 Black Textured (9305)
S0147 Anodic Brown (0420)
S0142 White Textured (9316)
S0148 Anodic Black (0720)
S0149 Anodic Natura (0120)
S0201 Metal Alu (0201)
S0102 Metal Grey (0102)
S0146 Anodic Bronze (0302)
S0104 Metal Black (0104)


Model Article nr Plug Voltage [V] Output [W] Finish Dimension H [mm] Dimension L [mm] Weight [Kg]
BAN IR 10 04 230 03 2 S 3858302 No 230 300 Silver gloss 1032 400 12
BAN IR 15 04 230 04 2 S 3858402 No 230 400 Silver gloss 1456 400 15


Model Height HC (mm) Height incl. therm.housing (mm)
BAN 10 04 IR 912 1032
BAN 14 04 IR 1336 1456


  • Electronic, wall-mounted thermostat with adjustable IR control
  • Knob for temperature regulation 5-30°C
  • Timer for programming providing full power for two hours twice daily, or manual if required
  • Only for mounting with thermostat on the right hand side and connection with visible cable


  • No specific accessories


  • Supplied with attached 90 cm connection cable and the necessary screws/mounts for installation.

IR-thermostat for Alaid IR and Bandai IR

Jarl IR, Alaid IR and Bandai IR - Thermostat

Technical data 04.2014

Alaid IR / Bandai IR

Alaid IR and Bandai IR

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