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Tamari V

Decorative radiators - Tamari V

Tamari in a vertical version is a real space saver with widths as small as 455 mm. The clean, sharp lines of the Tamari V produce a tangible sense of strength and beauty. This is a radiator that makes a bold visual impression without being fussy or overly ornate. The Tamari H is equipped with a wall-mounted wireless thermostat, which can control one or more radiators in several rooms using a single remote control.

  • Electric, liquid-filled radiator.
  • Made from strong steel of the highest quality. Flat sections.
  • Hard-wearing white epoxy paint (White RAL 9016).
  • Quiet, odour-free and non-allergenic.


Model Article
Plug Voltage [V] Output [W] Dimen
sion H [mm]
sion L [mm]
Weight [Kg]
TAM V 18 05 230 10 2 3860010 No 230 1000 1830 455 33
TAM V 18 05 400 10 2 3860210 No 400 1000 1830 455 33
TAM V 18 07 230 15 2 3860015 No 230 1500 1830 680 46
TAM V 18 07 400 15 2 3860215 No 400 1500 1830 680 46
TAM V 18 10 230 20 2 3860020 No 230 2000 1830 905 58
TAM V 18 10 400 20 2 3860220 No 400 2000 1830 905 58

* IP 44 with accessory KDNIP. IP32 if the attached terminal box is used.



B = height
C = width



  • Electronic thermostat with digital display. Wireless and programmable in six fixed positions (auto, comfort, temperature reduction, temperature regulation, frost protection and stop) with wall-mounted thermostat. You can control one or more Yali GV, Langila, Sanbe, Epok and Tamari radiators in the same room with just one remote control.


  • Splash proof cover for an upgrade to IP44.


  • Wall mounts with and without brackets

Epok and Tamari

Technical data 04.2014

Epok & Tamari 3(3)

Epok & Tamari 1(3)

Langila, Sanbe, Yali GV, Epok and Tamari thermostat

Epok and Tamari >12.2017

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