Energy calculator

Energy calculator


For an average house in a Nordic climate, with standard insulation and a ceiling height of 2.40-2.50 metres, the heat requirement is approximately 70-75 W per square metre of floor area. In order to calculate how much heat will be needed for other ceiling heights, you can use a heat requirement of 30 W per cubic metre.

With underfloor heating, in some cases it is best to set a gross heat requirement of 100 W/m2 to achieve the optimal results. This calculation applies to houses in a Nordic climate, but it can vary depending on the standard of the house. For more information on electricity consumption in houses located in other climate zones, please contact a local electrician or energy consultant.

Our thermostats help you save on energy costs

Our electronic thermostats quickly and efficiently set the ideal indoor temperature you desire. And, they save as much as 20% on energy costs. It's time to upgrade the standard to modern systems and LVI's sustainability. You'll save even more energy with a control system designed for electric radiators filled with environmentally-friendly vegetable oil.

TempCo is easy to install and easy to control by sending a text message (SMS). You'll receive a text message if there is a power outage lasting longer than three minutes, if the temperature drops in the house or if a burglar alarm is tripped. With a TempCo control system, you'll save energy without compromising comfort. Replace those old electric radiators and save not only energy, but also the environment!

With the new Touch E3 control system from LVI, you can easily control Yali Digital, Parada and Ramo radiators. Touch E3 helps reduce heating costs by simply controlling the heat in your home. Another feature of Touch E3 allows you to see your energy consumption in each room/zone. With the CleverTouch app, you can increase and decrease the indoor temperature from your smartphone.

*Compared to electric radiators with a bimetal thermostat and based on tests conducted at technical units.



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