When my Touch E3 is not connected to the USB charger and it is running on battery. Then it does not restart if I turn it off, I have to reconnect it to the charger to restart it, why?

This is normal, the battery is there to maintain power for pairing the system after being charged for two hours. Startup of the system requires more energy and sometimes there is enough but if not, it will not restart.

My Touch E3 is connected to a USB charger and there is a battery warning symbol on my screen, why?

There are different types of chargers, giving different amount of current. The charger supplied with the Touch E3 give enough current to charge the battery.

In the installation menu, there is button “parameters”. What is this?

It is for trouble shooting and special settings and not to be used for normal users.

How much data does the touch screen consume in standby mode?

If the touch screen is not linked to an account on the server, the value is of course 0 MB. The data traffic is between 0,4 and 1 Gb (depending on the number of devices connected) when the app is not running. If the app is running continuously, the data traffic is between 1,5 and 2,2 Gb/month. So, if data amount is an issue, the application should be turned off when not used.

How do you know that the touch screen has a network connection?

Well, you do not. Watts proposes a SW update with a flag on the screen to show this. In the next version, it will be visualized as 0/2 (no connection to router), 1/2 (connection to router but not to server) and 2/2 (connection to server).

If the wifi network go down and then it goes up again, will the touch screen reconnect to the network?


Why does not the touch screen find all wifi networks when a scan of networks is done?

This was known and communicated at the product release. According to the wifi-module supplier, the touch screen fulfils the wifi standard on the limit and there are wifi routers on the market that do not fully fulfil the requirements. Computers and phones have much bigger microprocessors and can cope with such anomalies but the touch screen cannot.

Is it possible to increase the radio range of the touch screen?

Yes, when the repeater is available.

Why so short range between the touch screen and radiators? (15 m)

This value is set low, not to give wrong expectations. In reality it is bigger. In open air, it is 300 m. In a house, the range is depending on what the walls are made of and what disturbances is present. 

How far do Yali radiators stick out from the wall?

Single Yali radiators extend 92 mm and double radiators 123 mm from the wall surface. The Kaba extends 64 mm from the wall.

How does sequential control work?

Sequential control is where the front panel is used more than the rear panel in order to increase the temperature more quickly (only applies to double radiators). The front panel emits radiant heat, while the rear panel insulates.

How does the 'open window' function work?

The open window function goes into frost guard mode when the temperature drops more than 5 degrees in 30 minutes.

How do I turn on frost guard

Frost guard on Yali Digital, Yali Ramo and Yali Parada can be set from 0.5 to 10 degrees. The factory setting is 7 degrees.

How accurate is the thermostat?

When the radiators heat up, they emit a natural radiant heat, which we call SoftHeat 2.0, thanks to the electronic thermostat with its accuracy of 0.2 °C.

What is the range for a wall-mounted display?

Around 30 m (wirelessly) indoors.

What is the IP rating of the new product line?

Kaba has an IP44 rating.

Yali Digital, Parada, Ramo and Comfort have an IP 44 rating, with an IP splashguard (accessory) or plug. IP21 (in cases where only the included junction box is used)

Is there any limit on the slave connection for new Yali models?

Can I connect a new Yali to an old one as a slave?


I bought a house with LVI radiators installed, but unfortunately there are no user instructions. Can you help?

You can view or download the operating instructions on our website [Installation & Operating Manual].

If there is something wrong with a radiator, where do I turn?

You can first contact the electrician who installed the product or one of our retailers. Otherwise, contact LVI.

What is the length measurement given in the tables?

The length measurement is the total length, including the thermostat.

What happens if the radiator I chose has too little or too much output?

Too much output: The radiator will emit an uneven heat, thus resulting in a poor comfort level and there may even be downdrafts from windows. Too little output: The radiator will run at full output all the time and still not keep the room warm. It is not a good idea to use an under-dimensioned radiator, which is constantly running at full output. Use the calculation formula: 75W/m2 or 30W/m3 (add 20% if the house is poorly insulated), or use the heat requirement calculation function on our website to calculate the output needed.

Can I connect two oil-filled radiators and use one thermostat for both, for example, in a room with two electric radiators?

Yes - they must be connected as slaves as they will otherwise work against each other. Several of our models can be connected as slaves. Just visit our website to see which models are slave-connectable.

How do I set the frost guard on an electric radiator?

Some of our models come with a separate frost guard setting (*). This keeps the temperature at approximately 7 degrees.

Which radiators can be used in wet areas, such as bathrooms?

The electric radiators with the lowest ingress protection rating (IP21) that are installed with a fixed installation in zone 3. The electric radiators with the lowest ingress protection rating (IP44) that are installed with a fixed installation in zone 2. Observe any applicable regulations as well as our installation instructions.

Can I install an oil-filled radiator upended or with the thermostat up?

NO, absolutely not! If you need a vertical radiator, we offer specially designed radiators for that purpose. Our electric radiators in cast granite are also available in vertical models and can be installed 'upended'.

Why isn't there a grounded connection on your radiators in cast granite?

The cast granite radiators are double-insulated and cannot be grounded

What kind of power switch is used in the electric radiators?

We use a two-pole switch in all our models.

Do you have any models that can be mounted on feet?

Our Kaba model can be mounted on foot brackets. All our other models require a fixed installation.

Can I run radiators in the same room at different outputs, or mix oil-filled and open radiators? 

Yes, you can. You can run different outputs and different radiators in the same room - the most important thing is that the total output is correct. See the question and answer above. We recommend placing the radiators under windows in order to prevent downdrafts.

How do I calculate the heat requirement for my house?

As a rule, you can use the following to calculate your heat requirement: 70-75 W/m2 or 30 W/m3. Always round up. If a house is drafty or poorly insulated, it is a good idea to add roughly 20%. You can also use the heat requirement calculator on our website to calculate the correct output needed.

Towel warmers

I bought a house with LVI towel warmers in it, but unfortunately there are no user instructions. Can you help?

You can view or download the operating instructions on our website [Installation & Operating Manual].

If there is something wrong with a towel warmer, where do I turn?

You can first contact the electrician who installed the product or one of our retailers. Otherwise, contact LVI.

I want to buy a towel warmer in another colour (other than chrome or white) to match my bathroom. What do you offer?

Our Milo model, a combined towel warmer and bathroom radiator in cast granite, is available in granite colours (white, grey, dark grey and sand). The Bandai IR comes in silver gloss. The Bandai IR can also be specially-ordered in a number of other colours.

Do you have any towel warmers that are double-insulated?

Yes, all models except Nila/Nila R and Muria/Muria R are double-insulated. This is specified in the installation instructions and on the product itself.

What kind of power switch is used in the towel warmers?

We use a two-pole switch in the following models: Athena, Nila/Nila R, Muria/Muria R, Milo.

How should the Milo TR towel rail be installed?

It is fastened to the wall with screws.

How many Milo TR towel rails can be mounted on a vertical cast granite radiator?

It depends on the height of the Milo radiator. The Milo TR consists of two bars with a fixed spacing of approx. 27 centimetres. If you want it to fit properly and look good, you should not attach two Milo TRs on a Milo V 08 03 or Milo V 09 04.

Should I use the towel warmer only when I need to dry a towel?

No. We recommend keeping the towel warmer on all day and all year. Because our towel warmers run on only 40 to 100W (approx. equal to a single incandescent light bulb), they do not consume a great deal of energy. The advantage with having the warmer on continuously is that it will provide better air circulation in the bathroom and reduce the risk of moisture and mould damage. This is especially important during the summer months, when the normal heating is off.

Are the Athena/Nila/Nila R sold complete with a concealed connection?

Yes, they are sold complete with a concealed or visible cable connector. There is no need to purchase anything extra.

I have a hot water heating system in my house. Do you offer any towel warmers that run on water?

Yes. The Alaid X is a towel warmer that generates heat both electrically and hydronically. In the winter, you can run the towel warmer hydronically when you are using your heating system. When you shut down your heating system (e.g. in the spring, summer, late summer), you can then simply turn it on using the electrical connection. This will ensure that you have warm, dry towels all year long. The Alaid X is sold complete with a water valve and electronic thermostat.

Can I install a Jarl/Alaid/Bandai with the connection box freely mounted on either the right or left side?

The connection box is mounted on the right with a visible cable connection.

Can I install a Nila/Nila R with the connection box freely mounted on either the right or left side?

Yes, as long as you mount it at the bottom, it can be on the right or left side.

Can a towel warmer be mounted with the switchbox at the top?

It depends on the model. If it is a towel warmer heated with water, the switchbox must always be on the bottom, as this is where the heating cartridge is located. But, if it is a towel warmer with a heater cable (Athena), it can be mounted with the switch at the top, bottom or on either side. The operating instructions state what applies for each model.

How do towel warmers/electric radiators work together with underfloor heating?

The smaller towel warmers work very well with underfloor heating systems when operated at a constant temperature (fixed or variable), regardless of the temperature of the underfloor heating system.

The larger, combination towel warmers and bathroom radiators have built-in thermostats that sense the room temperature. Underfloor heating systems also have a temperature-sensing thermostat. As a result, there is a risk that the two systems will work against each other, with only one of them providing heat and the other remaining cold. However, you can get around this by using a lower thermostat setting on the towel warmer and then using the 'boost' function that some of our models are equipped with. (The towel warmer will run at max. output for two hours as programmed, regardless of the room temperature, and then return to its normal mode).