Company history

Company history

LVI history in short

LVI, Lidköpings Värmeindustri has grown steadily as a brand since its establishment in Sweden in 1922. Our first factory in Lidköping, which manufactured hot water radiators, expanded during the 1970s to include the manufacture of oil-filled electric radiators. It was around this time that the first Yali products were born. By using the most durable materials available, Yali's timeless style set the standard for the entire industry in terms of quality, design and performance. In 1987, towel warmers and electronic thermostats were added to the portfolio. As the technology advanced, so did the Yali line, with the introduction of vegetable oil as a new heat conducting liquid. In 1995, LVI was granted ISO 9001 certification in France. In 1999, it was also granted ISO 14001 certification.

In 2000, LVI was incorporated into the Rettig Group, which resulted in a new era of success for the brand, including new product launches and expansion into new markets. This included the opening of a new sales office in Finland in 2001 and launching a new line of radiators in France in 2004. Also during that year, LVI developed a line of towel warmers and began distribution in Spain. This expansion continued the following year, when sales operations began in Japan. In 2009, a selection of decorative electric radiators was developed, with LVI adding vertical and panel products to its portfolio. This further increased the company's market share.

Today, the LVI brand is continuing its growth and new functions have been added to the classic Yali design, ready for delivery into the warm heart of our homes. Electronic thermostats with intelligent functions, WiFi control, an open window function, technology for ensuring comfort, just to name a few of the features. With the growing success of our school for LVI installers and retailers, we will continue to serve customer in Europe and other parts of the world with a reliable and growing portfolio of reliable, high-quality comfort products for indoor use.